Yuli Skincare – Liquid Courage

10 thoughts on “Yuli Skincare – Liquid Courage”

  1. Oooh beautiful! I receive my Yuli package today!! I’m really excited to try cell perfecto and liquid courage (i receive a tiny sample to try, but very happy after reading your review) i bought Halcyon cleanser (yes, again!) and cell perfecto (acne scars). Your review is usefull! Xx


    1. Oh that’s awesome! Tell me how you like the Liquid Courage. I swear it blurs my imperfections and imparts a glow that no other face oil can. I have a new backup ready, but working through Modern Alchemist (which is becoming another favorite) now before going back to it. I’m almost out of my Cell Perfecto PM, but I haven’t been able to really form an opinion on it. I feel like all of Yuli’s oils are helping me with the acne scarring. So, not sure if I should purchase Cell Perfecto again just for that purpose. You know what I mean? x


    1. First off, thank you so much for all your lovely comments! xx Hmm, very tough question 😉 But after trying them all, I think I’m a little partial towards Liquid Courage. It’s got great antioxidant protection, calms my acne miraculously as well as prevents further breakouts 🙂 And it smells like an absolute dream. The oil is light enough to be used year around, both day and night. It imparts the most beautiful glow and helps fades scars too. That would be my recommendation. It’s the most non irritating oil I’ve ever used, across all that I’ve tried so far (MUN, MLS, Tatcha, Suti, Ila, Stark etc).


  2. Ok, I seriously must try this! Lovely review, as per usual. This sounds like the dream oil my skin has been waiting for! Now about that price…..I’ll figure something out. This shall be mine(sometime)! For now I will go hunt down samples!

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