La Bella Figura – Modern Radiance Concentrate

3 thoughts on “La Bella Figura – Modern Radiance Concentrate”

  1. It seems like every blogger raves about this line so much. I decided to purchase this and one of their other serums (Aria) at the recommendation of some blogs but found their products to not be as well made as those reviews would suggest. So thank you for your honest review.

    Have you read the Green Derm blog? He explains a little about Vitamin C in products and addresses the kakadu plums in particular. It really is an informative read (just unfortunate that LBF attacked him for writing it).


    1. Thanks for your comment, Sammi! Sorry I’ve been traveling and it took me so long to respond. I am yet to try any of LBF’s face serums. How would you rate Aria compared to other face oils you might have tried? Yes, I was pretty surprised too by almost 100% positive feedback for the Modern Radiance Concentrate. A lot of them are written on PR samples. Yes, I have read Green Derm’s blog and love it! I did read the attack from LBF as well. In fact, when I posted a pic on Instagram with a link to this post, LBF immediately commented on IG about this post and unfollowed me 🙂 I am exploring other Vitamin C that cost a pittance compared to this and so far, really liking what I’m using right now. I don’t see the need to spend $150 on a Vitamin C serum that showed almost no results in 2+ months of continuous usage.


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