Some Empties – January

4 thoughts on “Some Empties – January”

  1. oooh nice post ! I would love to try Tata resurfacing mask, this is my next purchase after #greensurvivor challenge 🙂 For me soothing gel is one of my fave product in summer time 🙂 Good for calming my skin and make me feel less oily in the day.. but like you i didn’t noticed less acne.. my husband is a big fan and he use it like after shave.. little expensive for a full size tough…

    Julie xo


    1. Julie, I am sure you’ll love the mask! It’s truly a HG product for me to treat my blemishes with. 🙂 I can see guys loving the shaving gel. Hmm…that’s a thought, maybe I should consider buying one for my husband since I feel like he doesn’t moisturize his face well enough. :\


  2. I’ve tried Jason’s toothpaste in different flavors and Earthpaste in Peppermint. I like both of them, but I haven’t found my “HG” natural toothpaste yet. The Earthpaste takes some time getting used to since it’s the least similar to conventional brands. I’ve heard the Himalaya toothpaste is good ad well. That’s next on my list to try. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for the recommendations! I’ve seen Jason’s in grocery stores all around. Let me know if you find your HG 🙂 I’ve tried Himalaya before (very popular brand during my growing up years in India) and I don’t like it much. I just don’t trust the ingredients much. xo


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