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  1. OMG ! you are the queen of the review, honestly. The structuration of your post is Nice and clear and we can read information we are interested for in one single glance! Thank you for this review, i received my order from Yuli 2 weeks ago, i presently use cell perfecto each night, and yes i can say this little blend help my skin. I read your small acne history and i think we have the same same type of acne. Hormonal acne. I ‘ll try to stop dairy product soon, i’m a big fan of cheese 😦 OK amazing job my friend, i really enjoy reading your blog. Keep pushing xo


    1. Thank you Julie for the compliments. You’re so sweet XO. I’ve tried to give up dairy, but I just can’t, because I don’t even eat meat. So dairy is an important source of nutrients and proteins for me. I do drink almond milk instead of the regular milk. Don’t worry too much! We are all in this together and will get there soon, one day at a time, you girl girl! 🙂


  2. This is such a lovely review! I’ve been trying to decide which YÜLI serum to invest (this word seems fitting for the price) in and this really helped.

    My acne is partly hormonal, partly hereditary, but definitely easy to trigger if I don’t watch my sugar and dairy intake.


    1. Ahh yes – Yuli is an investment, with a good payoff 😉 So good to know you’re able to see differences with versus without sugar and dairy. I think sugar definitely affects my skin negatively. I’m not so sure about dairy – it’s hard to tell for me since I’ve been a vegetarian all my life and so used to dairy. I do substitute regular milk with almond wherever I can, but apart from this, not so much. Does giving up dairy help get rid of the tiny bumps on the forehead? If that’s true, then perhaps I should give it a try. Xx


      1. Wow! Great to know that you’ve seen such a marked difference. I know there’s a lot of debate around this, but to your point, my skin gets really congested when I eat too many chocolates (so difficult to resist!). Apart from my morning cup of tea with lots of milk, I should probably try to cut down on dairy.


      2. Ruhi- Have you tried powdered goat milk for your coffee? I break out from dairy as well; definitely milk and yogurt, not so much cheese, but I don’t notice it at all with limited amounts of goat dairy. I also subbed dairy for small amounts of fish, after being vegetarian for many years, and noticed a positive difference in my skin. I still try to eat vegan most of the time, though, and I always break out when eating my mom’s cooking too often (she cooks with milk always). I always load up on lots of fatty protein, especially when I’m not eating fish, like tahini, lentils, pumpkin seeds, eggs, almond butter, and I sprinkle nutritional yeast on my food too. Would be curious to know how it turns out if you experiment with cutting back on dairy!



      3. Hi Silvy!

        That’s great advice! I have heard from so many green beauties to cut back on dairy, and in fact, I don’t do dairy at all, with the exception of my morning cup of Indian tea, that I’ve become really used to. I tried making it with almond milk, but it tastes horrible 😦 I will request my husband to try making it with goat milk and see if we notice any difference. Can we get fresh goat milk here? Thanks for the tip on seafood – I’ve never tried seafood, as I’m 100% vegetarian (always been that way). Love the idea of incorporating more fatty protein – have to train myself to be more conscious of this! I have these small bumps on my forehead, that look better on some days, and worse on others, and really want a smooth forehead (God, I sound so vain, please excuse my madness) :\

        Ruhi xx


  3. I love Cell Perfecto and I put it only on the scars then ME Skin Fuel on my entire face, that plus Pure Mask really do wonders for my acne while Cell Perfecto goes a long way in fading those marks left behind and the scars from the past.

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  4. Oh! And I think the reason this isn’t supposed to be used in the morning is because it contains vitamin c, which increases the photo-reactivity of your skin. I have been comparing lots of different vitamin c products these past few months- maybe should add this one to the list!!


    1. Hi Silvy,

      Hmm…I wasn’t aware that we shouldn’t be using Vitamin C in the morning. I have heard of citrus oils increasing photosensitivity during daylight and I avoid using anything with citrus oils during AM for sure. Actually, most brightening products and oils contain lots of antioxidants, including Vitamin C.

      Would be great to see a comparison between all Vitamin C products! 🙂 I use the Andalou Naturals Brightening Turmeric Serum on and off, because I feel like it’s making me break out. What are you using currently? Just curious.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

      Ruhi xx


      1. You know, that’s true. Sometimes brightening products don’t tell you to use at night only. Maybe it depends on how intense it is?

        For brightening products, I just used up the John Masters vitamin C serum, which was nice, but not super intense. The Sanitas Topical C is much more potent, so I’m working through that. (But it’s very heavy, so it was good for winter, maybe not so much for spring). My favorite brightening product though, is the Dr. Hauschka Lemon bath (now lemongrass I think). I just put a few drops in the water that I’m using to cleanse my face. Sometimes I use just that with a konjac sponge and no cleanser (especially for morning).

        Oh, and I also just got the Elizabeth Dehn for OLO vitamin c serum- very excited to try it!! It smells incredible. As you can see, I’m a bit obsessed with vitamin c stuff at the moment…
        What other brightening products have you tried?? Are there certain ingredients you look for??


      2. Hi Silvy,

        I think we’ll get along just fine, since both are super obsessed with Vitamin C stuff 🙂 I feel that if I douse myself in that stuff, my face will glow like a 1000 watt bulb 😉 That, and get rid of my acne scars! I have tried samples of JMO Vitamin C serum, and liked it a lot (didn’t make me breakout at least). Will definitely look into purchasing a full size after I use up some products. That Dr. Hauschka Lemongrass bath sounds amazing :D. Man, if even my cleansing water can be made brightening, then that would be the best thing ever! THANK YOU so much for sharing.

        I have a bottle of OLO Vit C serum tucked away – haven’t opened it yet.

        I’ve used – LBF Modern Radiance Concentrate (review posted somewhere on this blog), MyChelle Vitamin C serum (most recent post has some blurb on it), and Andalou Naturals Brightening Turmeric Serum (used one and off, worried it’s making me break out). Between all of these products, I would say Yuli’ Liquid Courage gave me the most brightening effect 🙂 I want to go back to using it, but I’m working on my Kypris products currently. I usually look for the concentration of Vitamin C as a whole and how stabilized it is, (around 18-20% is ideal), and Ferulic acid (Liquid Courage from Yuli has it). Currently, I’m using the Antioxidant Dew from Kypris – it’s super light and hydrating.

        Ruhi xx


  5. Hi Ruhi!

    Loving your honest reviews (: Im weening myself off chemical brands and looking to try Yuli since the reviews youve given seem pretty good. I would like to know if a moisturizer is need on top of the Cell Perfecto PM? Because I sleep in an air-conditioned room (typical asian haha) and i wake up the next day with wrinkles on my forehead if i don’t apply a good moisturizer before bed. Im hitting the big 3-0 and I need to start fixing my skin while it can still repair and then maintain.

    Am in a tropical country (Malaysia)so by the looks of it would you recommend Liquid courage for the AM? And whats a good high spf light weight non greasy sunblock to use on top? and a moisturizer needed? if so what?

    You also mentioned that you used LBF Modern Radiance Concentrate…can this be used (before) in conjunction with Liquid Courage?



    1. Hi Leonie!

      Glad you’re liking the reviews. For my skin type (combination, acne prone), I don’t need a moisturizer on top of Cell Perfecto PM. Very rarely, I’ll do. If you’re in Malaysia, I don’t think you’ll need anything else on top, unless you have super dry skin.

      I think Liquid Courage is quite light in texture and should be okay – you could probably do with 2 drops per application. However, not sure if you’ve ever used face oils before. If you haven’t, it might take some adjustment, since it might feel a little greasy at first, and not as fast absorbing compared to water based moisturizers.

      I’m using Andalou Naturals Brightening Tinted BB Cream SPF 30 currently, but still testing it – so a little hesitant to recommend it. It’s definitely a little greasy, and you might not like it during the hot, tropical summers. I’ve seen good reviews on Coola’s Cucumber Matte SPF 30 sunscreen. Suntegrity 5-in-1 Tinted Sunscreen too…haven’t tried those yet.

      You can use LBF Modern Radiance Concentrate before Liquid Courage, since it has a light, gel texture – I did find the product to be nearly not as effective though, considering the cost. I personally wouldn’t repurchase it.

      I saw your email as well – sorry will respond over the weekend 🙂 This week has been super busy for me, with work related travel.

      Talk more soon!
      Ruhi xx


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