February Lust List

15 thoughts on “February Lust List”

  1. Reading this post I feel more than ever in need of a job. Stat. Screw this internship thing, it’s keeping me from exploring my passion!! Pretty much everything you mentioned I want. So you’re totally to blame if I end up doing something reckless 😉 And I totally know the whole knowing your credit card number off by heart thing! But since I’ve been quite good recently I had actually forgotten the sequence…quite a nice feeling, yet not. Anyhoo, I really can’t justify getting anything else other than to call it ‘blog research’ (always valid!) but the next thing may be the mascara. Oh yeah, I did do a little shopping over at Yoshimomo after Tammy’s challenge ended. Doesn’t really count tho, does it? 😉 Great post Ruhi! Xx


    1. Nic, having a job will go miles in fueling many more lust lists! 😉 I think I need a SECOND job. Haha. I will take the full blame if your wallet cries, agreed! Being a student is a blessing in disguise because you’re so good about fully utilizing your current stash before moving on to the next! Yoshimomo is amazing, I can’t blame you! I have to try the Quench moisturizer sometime. Currently, I’m using the AHA cleanser and loving it 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

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    1. Hey Kels! I bought way too many items! Got the Clay Masks (black and rose), Hair and Scalp Tonic, Underarm Lotion (sounds pretty awesome because of the easy texture), both the complexion waters (both seem really calming, especially yarrow that’s amazing for acne prone skin), and the cleansing nectar (sounds really soothing!). What are you planning on buying? 🙂 You can totally blame me if you overspend!


      1. I have been eyeing the underarm lotion for too long! Please let me know how it is!! I’m not sure if I will buy it now or wait til I use up some of my other deos haha 🙂


  2. Haha Nic, I’m with you with the internship, we will finish soon, keep pushing beauté! And i’m pretty sure Ruhi YES you will fall in love with that mascara!! I hope you try soon this amazing product and like you my number of my credit card is always in my head, LOL!

    NOw, you put in my head Kypris Moon catalyst .. 😀

    Great post my friend!

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    1. As soon as I finish up one more mascara, I’m going to purchase W3ll mascara 😉 All the stores and shops better watch out once Nic and Julie get a job! Haha. I am really liking the Moonlight Catalyst, in addition to all other products. They are working together as a system to clear up my skin and rapidly fade scars 🙂 I just ended ordering the full size of Beauty Elixir II as well. Chase has posted a lot of great information about the product formulation and inclusion of CoQ10, Vitamin C and coconut, tamanu oils, and I’ll be updating the post with her comment shortly.

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  3. I think shops will happily accept our cash since we will be financing them!😜They’ll be like, where have these girls been all our lives?! You’re obviously included in this danger trio Ruhi😉

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    1. I think I’m done for a couple of months 😉 Scared of looking at my credit card statement. I need another #nobuy challenge. But I will happily support you and Julie in your future shopping endeavors 😀

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  4. You’re seriously making me rethink how long I will wait until I purchase the Kypris oils! Seems like they’ve been working well for you! I actually own the Gressa Minimalist foundation and I really love how it applies smoothly, how it feels so light, the great skincare ingredients in the product, and the satin finish of it! My only issue is with the color selection as I have the lightest shade but it is a bit too light and 02 is too pink while 03 is too dark. I’ll be writing up a review on it within the next few weeks :). Our lust lists are so similar! The products are really quite splurge-worthy but I believe in good ingredients corresponding to higher price points. Also, I’m waiting to try Tatcha once Sephora has one of their 20% off sales! I hardly shop there anymore but I think it’s a great deal for Tatcha if it is on sale :).


    1. Yes, the Elixir has been working great for me, in conjunction with the serums! I am super happy xx So cool that you’ve tried Gressa Foundation. Please do a review on it! I am really interested in purchasing it. Too bad the shades don’t match you perfectly…did you try mixing two shades maybe? I think we definitely have the same mindset 🙂 I would rather spend on good skincare versus makeup (it used to be the opposite earlier). I just did a review on Tatcha’s eye cream by the way. Sign up for their newsletter regarding the 20% off sale – They do have another promo going on now if you’re interested 🙂


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