Yuli Skincare – Modern Alchemist Face Serum

13 thoughts on “Yuli Skincare – Modern Alchemist Face Serum”

  1. Sounds positively dreamy Ruhi but the very steep price point, despite the larger than average bottle, cannot be justified during my studies. This is one purchase I shall have to wait with until I have landed myself a job so perhaps by fall I can count myself as a lucky owner of one of the serums. In which case it will be the Modern Alchemist going into colder weather 😉 Lovely review Ruhi! Xx

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    1. I would say this is slightly heavier in texture, making it perfect for night time and cooler weather. I have used it day and night without a problem though. If I had to buy one, I would choose Liquid Courage, since I don’t quite yet need full blown retinols. If you’re 35+, modern alchemist should be your primary serum. Can’t wait for you to try Yuli! You’re gonna love it xx


  2. Great, thorough review! I’m in the same boat as caprinic and will have to wait to purchase my next oil. Deciding between one of Yuli’s or one from Kypris but I may be leaning towards Yuli after reading your review. They both are definitely up there price-wise! I’m so glad all of the Yuli products have been working well for you, even if you may not be their exact target customer(at least for this particular product). It really speaks volumes about the quality and efficacy of the brand and its products if it works well quite universally.


    1. I think Yuli is a little more reachable from a price point because you have the option to purchase a deluxe size. Plus, if you email them, they are happy to include samples of other products 🙂 I was pretty surprised too by the fact that Modern Alchemist works so well! It’s quite light, in that it didn’t clog my pores at all. Kypris will send you samples too, but you’ll need to purchase a full size from their website. If you’re looking to repurchase one of their serums, maybe you could request for a sample of the Elixir II.


  3. Asian parents sure sound like Eastern European parents!!

    This serum sounds wonderful! I want to try it myself now, but also my dad has been looking for antiaging products. He doesn’t have too many wrinkles, but he tends to look tired, and his skin is starting to sag a bit/looser pores, etc. I know he won’t want to use this if it’s too scented/flowery, and if it sits on the skin/creates a film that lasts. Does it absorb quickly? Does the scent linger? Would the Cell Perfecto be a better option?

    I’ve actually been debating whether the Cell Perfecto or Modern Alchemist would be a better purchase for me. (Can’t let Dad have all the fun! ;P) Have you noticed that either one has a better brightening/plumping effect? That’s what I really look for from my serums at this point. A really good one I’ve tried so far is the Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum- it really makes your skin satiny and rosy and plump! But also, as you noticed, I am careful not to use too many of her products, and limit that one to once a day, 5-6 times a week. I think all the waxes and essential oils that her products contain (which also make them super dreamy to use!) can cause sensitivity and breakouts. Anywho, curious to hear more about Yuli! Really gotta give them a try soon.


    1. Hi Silvy,

      Oooh, Eastern European and Asian parents should join forces to share child rearing tactics. What a hoot it would be!

      The Modern Alchemist does have a slight Rose fragrance, but it disappears very quickly. Can he tolerate a little bit of it for a couple of minutes? I know some guys don’t like it much 🙂 It takes about 10 -15 mins to fully absorb – for me, it’s not really a problem, but from a guy’s perspective, especially if they’re not used to face oils, they might not like the “sticky” feeling initially. However, I did test my face oil on my husband a couple of times because he’s right at that age in his 30s where he’s starting to show some laughter lines – He LOVED it! In fact, he insisted that I apply it on his face, full “spa style” 😉 I sprayed a lot of toning mist and only 2 drops of oil. You could also look into the other oil that Yuli carries, called Mr. Incredible – it’s targeted towards men, as a shaving oil. I haven’t tested it, but I’ve heard rave reviews on it. I think even we could use it as a shaving oil. It seems to be moisturizing enough to be used as a regular facial oil too…I know Spirit Beauty Lounge does samples. Cell Perfecto PM is primarily for hyper pigmentation and I don’t think he would benefit from it. I would say go for either Modern Alchemist or Mr. Incredible for him.

      I’m the same way as you – I go for serums that have brightening/plumping effects 🙂 If I were to repurchase one, I would actually go for Liquid Courage – I found it to be the most brightening out of all Yuli’s serums. It feels extremely light, and gives you that radiant glow from Ferulic Acid, and stabilized antioxidants, that I’m yet to see from any other oil (except maybe Kypris, that I’m currently using). CPM and Modern Alchemist are also brightening, with CPM targeted specifically towards hyper pigmentation, but if you’re looking to use something both AM and PM, year around, then Liquid Courage would give you the most bang for your buck 🙂

      I’ve tried samples of Rejuvenating Serum and other cleansers and scrubs from TH and feel the same way – ok to use a couple of times, but too much of it clogs my pores and causes breakouts. The only product from TH that I can use regularly without any issues is the Resurfacing Mask (it’s my Holy Grail and I always have one in stock). I have her Replenishing Nutrient Complex in full size, but hardly used it, because again, feel it’s too heavy. Do you use it? How often? Have a sample of beautifying face oil, but haven’t opened it yet…I’m drowning in face oils, I’m serious :\

      Much love,
      Ruhi xx


      1. Drowning in face oils!! That sounds like a dream!! I actually am too, now that I think of it! 😛 I’ve got 3 in my rotation, and a DIY!

        Thank you for the tips! I’ll go for Modern Alchemist for dad, and Liquid Courage for me. 🙂

        I actually just finished a Replenishing Nutrient Complex! I will be writing about it in an empties post, if I ever manage to get around to it… It is a fairly heavy oil, I agree. I don’t mind the heaviness so much though; I just found it didn’t do much of anything. I used it mostly as a highlighter on nose/cupid’s bow/cheekbones whenever I wanted a bit more radiance, or as an extra little boost of moisture some winter nights when needed. It lasted me a long time too- probably used it about once a week or so!

        The beautifying facial oil is another story though!! That’s one of my holy grails, though I still haven’t purchased the full size! I absolutely love it and find that it’s similar to the RMS Beauty Oil. Both are quite silky and very soothing, but I think the beautyfing facial oil does an even better job of brightening. Anyways… looks like we both need to hold back a bit on more purchases!!


      2. Hi Silvy,

        So glad I was able to help with the decision making process re: Yuli!

        Your idea of using Replenishing Nutrient Complex as a highlighter is pure genius! I will have to try that sometime 🙂 Right now, the oil is nicely tucked in the back of my closet, and I would love to find some use for it!

        Can’t wait to read your Empties post 🙂 I am writing one too, and hope to publish it in the next week!

        Ruhi xx

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