Empties – April

17 thoughts on “Empties – April”

  1. Weleda is a fav brand of mine. Love their skin food albeit not for face but adore them for hard soles (million times better than balms targeted for soles), scratches, burns, bruises. My husband loves it for his shaving mishaps😍 i love their moisturizer as well.

    I am sticking to sensodyne. Cannot change that mind block yet. 😐

    Melvita always feels like an overpriced brand.

    Thanks a million for the Naisure collagen mask reco (as usual your suggestions are fantastic 😍💋) 👍 i am using during my trip. Skin is incredibly moisturized. Fantastic. A repeat buy for me.👍you should stock up on all the varieties.


    1. Hi Swapna! I came across Skin Food in my local Marshalls (love that store so much!) and now I’m so bummed I didn’t purchase any. 🙂 It looked rather cute. Melvita seems quite reasonably priced in France, but expensive elsewhere. I picked up my bottle at a great price! So glad to know you’re loving Naisture 🙂 I will definitely try to look up more varieties.

      Much love,
      Ruhi xx

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      1. Skin Food is great for incredibly dry skin and dry feet 😀 (Just like Rita Lee reviewed from yourskinwithin) I used it once on my face and it was way toooo thick for my liking. It is incredible for my feet.


      2. I don’t think I’d be brave enough to test it on my face! 😉 Neck and below is fine. LOL. Yes Justine loves it!


    1. Awesome! I am currently using his Cacao Antioxidant Mask as well – quite soothing and calming for sensitive skin. The toning mist is, of course, a HG in my books! 😉


  2. Odacites Pa+G is my next purchase from them. Pesky acne marks won’t go away!

    I’m in the market for a new spritz, that Josh Rosebrook sounds fab.

    Love your posts! Especially BC I think we have the same skin type 😊


    1. Hi Cairie!

      I’m quite missing Pa+G. Can’t wait to go back to it once I’m done with the current bottle of Camellia Chamomile. I think you’re using this particular blend currently, correct? How are you liking it? 🙂

      The Josh R. mist is indeed amazing! It’s super moisturizing 🙂

      Take care and love,


  3. Oo bummer about Melvita! I used to use their stuff when I lived in France. Oh well. Haven’t used it since anyway!

    Weleda is phenomenal! I used to use their Iris Hydrating Day Cream when I lived in France and can’t for the life of me figure out why I stopped. I’ve been using Dr. H Rose Cream but I think the price/oz is cheaper for most Weleda products. Also been using their rose deo for years; it’s the only one that works for me!


    1. Yeah, total bummer! 😦 The lavender water so was good! I think we have comparable products from local brands here in the US. You lived in France? Where? You lucky gal! That’s my absolute dream! 🙂 Which Weleda line would you recommend for a face moisturizer? There are so many. I have some samples from the Pomegranate range. Also have a sample of the Rose cream from Dr. H, but yet to use. You’re seriously into rose, no kidding 😉


      1. I looove rose! For lavender water (and rose water ;)), I get the Alteya that they sell on Amazon. It’s organic and pretty reasonably priced.

        I lived in France a bunch, actually! I kept going back all throughout college, for couple months at a time- Annecy, Strasbourg, and Paris. (Strasbourg was probably my favorite. :)) I miss it sooo much!! But ultimately, I think I’m an American gal at heart. I see that you’ve been to Paris 🙂 Did you spend a lot of time there? Go anywhere else in France?

        Hmm for Weleda, I haven’t tried all of them but I know that the pomegranate and the new primrose are more for mature skin/antiaging. I loved the iris and have heard good things about the almond too (soothing). Right now, I am totally obsessed with the Tata Harper Repairative moisturizer, though. I only have a sample but my skin looks amazing after four days… No makeup needed… Sigh. Why must your products be so fantastic and expensive, Tata, why???


      2. I’ve had my eye on Alteya too, and want to pick up something from them the next time I need to shop for floral waters! Glad to know you’re liking their products. Wow, you’re so very lucky, to have lived them for extended periods of time. I spent just a week in Paris, and I’m totally in love. I would love to go back again, to see the city, and also to see other parts of the country. It’s just so gorgeous out there! 😉

        Oh, darn, I should probably give away my Pomegranate sample then. Thanks so much for the feedback. Yes, why must Tata Harper be so expensive? Hee hee. So glad to know you are liking her moisturizer. I do have a sample of Repairative Moisturizer, and you’re inspiring me to test it! I’ll let you know how it goes. xx

        P.S. – I miss reading new posts on your blog! 😦


      3. I miss posting. 😦 I need to just suck it up! Better to post with crappy pictures than not at all. 😀 And I do love working on my blog… I’m leaving my current job this summer so I’m hoping to have more time! But who knows, maybe I’ll be even busier at my next job. 🙂


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