DIY Body Oil Recipe – Featuring Cocovit Coconut Oil, et al

14 thoughts on “DIY Body Oil Recipe – Featuring Cocovit Coconut Oil, et al”

    1. Hi Ally,

      Thanks for reading! I love body oils too 🙂 I use them quite generously…Cocovit is truly very high quality! You must give them a try if you’re looking for some coconut oil.



      1. If you drink matcha, then matcha latte is what you should try. Matcha blended with coconut oil (dash of milk : if it isn’t sacrilegious to do so😛😜) =heaven!


  1. Ruhi- I totally agree! I have never found myself too tempted to splurge on body things, for some reason. (Though I did get some Osmia body oil for Christmas, and certainly can’t complain about that!! :D) I make my own blends and always have some Acure lotion on hand (because my skin is very dry- can’t get away with just oils). Sunflower makes a good base, with some jojoba, or avocado added in. Dreamy. 🙂

    Funny you should mention oil cleansing! My skin has been super dry lately, so I have laid off using a cleanser every day and concocted my own oil facial cleanser. It turned out quite well. 🙂 I used almond and avocado oil with a bit of castor oil added in, and two drops each of lavender EO and grapefruit EO.

    Happy Friday to you! I will be trying my darndest to get a post up this weekend!

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    1. Hi Silvy!

      I think our skin types are the same. I can’t get away with just oils either. I have to follow up with a body lotion after an hour. I use whatever I can find at my local Marshalls 😛

      Thanks for sharing your DIY cleansing oil blend – sounds wonderful, especially with the addition of grapefruit oil – such genius!



  2. such a great post my friend! What a nice DIY post. YES, buying nice high quality body oil is expensive on the long way and like you i better love spend money on other stuff! But one or 2 bottles of oil per years seem ok to buy 🙂 I bought May Lindstrom one time and OMG i enjoyed until the last drop. Now i use The little Alchemist Cardamone & cacao and this is intoxicating. But i will never buy one bottle per month! This new cocovit seem interesting, i saw a lot on social media and i’m quite curious. I’m not a fan of coconut oil for skin care, i prefer eat coconut oil but for the body and hair it’s really good! Oh and bottle of halcyon cleanser is a perfect idea! I’ll keep mine after finishing and try your recipe 🙂 xx


    1. Hi Julie!

      I agree buying a couple every year is quite okay, and using them once in a while is such a treat! 😉 I haven’t been able to bring myself to purchase The Good Stuff yet, I hope I will one day! The Little Alchemist blend sounds super delicious – I love the brand anyway, and will check out the oil blend 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

      Yes, Cocovit is very high quality. I think it’s a good alternative as a make up remover, since the texture is much softer than other coconut oils available in the market. It melts very easily when rubbed between fingers 🙂 My skin is too sensitive to use it as a moisturizer, but as a cleanser or as a body/hair product, this seems like a good alternative!

      Love and have lots of fun in Hawaii for me!

      Ruhi xx


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