Lily Lolo – Let’s Talk Makeup

12 thoughts on “Lily Lolo – Let’s Talk Makeup”

  1. These look beautiful! I’ve never heard of this line but I will definitely keep my eyes open for it! Do they have an Instagram page? 💓💗💕 Dana


  2. Hey dear Ruhi!
    I loved this review as I’ve been building my online Lily Lolo cart! I’m planning on making an order in a few months since I don’t need any new make up at the moment. I currently have their mascara but have not tested it out yet, I’ll definitely keep you posted! The blush looks amazing! I’ve been looking into their powder foundation(which I’ll be placing an order for in the future) but I’ve also been so curious about their BB cream as well! I also became intrigued by the brand through Jana! By the way, I can just see that deep berry shade looking gorgeous on you!

    Thank you for such a thorough review as always!

    Big Love, Vanessa

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    1. Hi sweet Vanessa!

      Can’t wait to hear your thoughts re: the mascara 🙂 I am intrigued by the powder foundation too! Really want to try one after maybe I’ve used up my RMS Beauty Tinted Un Powder. Aw thanks so much for the compliment 🙂

      Love always,


  3. Damn it, you beat me into writing the post on Lily Lolo 😁
    Mine was due on Sunday but the procratinator in me reared its ugly head up 😂
    Nevertheless, you have written a stellar post and thanks for inspiring me to get the berry lipstick (i like dark shades) and definitely buying that blush. Ever since they changed their packaging, it looks more appealing.


    1. Hi dear Swapna,

      Haha I look forward to your review – can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the mineral foundation! Just saw you’ve published the review! That was super fast 😀 Going to read and comment now!

      I think the lipstick will look gorgeous on you, and so will the blush 🙂 The blush packaging is beautiful. Even though I’m sure the mirror adds some weight, it is still unbelievably light. You must get some whenever you want to expand your makeup collection 🙂

      Love, Ruhi xx

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      1. I love their packaging. It sure feels luxe — for the price they are changing. They used to be a bit cheaper before but i think their marketing has paid off and hence the increase in price. Nevertheless they are good for the price.


      2. Yes, the packaging is so cute! I have no idea what it was like before 🙂 Great to know you’ve been using them since such a long time! I agree, the pricing is definitely great 😉

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  4. Hii Ruhi! Thanks for the love, you’re so sweet!<3 I want to try their BB cream next, especially now that they came up with new, super light shade 🙂 I hope it won't be too light for me 🙂 xx


    1. Hi Jana! Of course, I had to give you a shoutout 🙂 I have my eye on the BB cream too, after seeing multiple recommendations! I hope you’re able to find a shade that suits you. Xx


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