Empties – May

13 thoughts on “Empties – May”

  1. Bobby aka Fizzylemonade is a generous gifter 🙂 🙂
    As always an honest review!
    On my list now — Andalou, BWC and TATCHA …..(the blotting papers & this fabulous cleansing oil)
    The other cleansing oil that has caught my eye — MV Organics (has got camelia in it as well)
    Kahina (maybe shea was too heavy for you??)
    I was quite right about Phylia M (as in — my thought process) —that it would turn out to be a dud!
    Take out that stress , gal!! And eat/ drink your greens 😛


    1. Hi Swapna,

      I have been intrigued by the MV Organics cleansing oil too. It sounds lovely. Does it emulsify with water? Would love getting hold of a sample first. Yes, I think the texture of Kahina’s cream might have been heavier. I’ll test some more and report back.

      Love, Ruhi xx

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    1. Hi Julie!

      As a perfume? Wow! That’s quite innovative. Did you use it in your hair or as a body mist? Yes, sometimes I am happy when I find items I don’t want to repurchase – saves me some money! Or maybe not, since I purchase something else lol.

      Love, Ruhi xx

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  2. Love your thorough reviews!
    I had lots of empties for May as well. Lots of hair products since I’ve started going to pool more regularly. I’ve been reading lots of good things about Tatcha! I bought a voucher on RueLaLa, just need to decide what to try out.


    1. Hi Lauren,

      Thank you for reading! I think the Tatcha Starter Kit might be a good option if you’d like to get a feel of everything. I’m so sad I missed the Rue La La deal 😦



  3. Girl, you’ve been busy! And here I am not even posting. 🙂 It’s the single life for me this month, though, so maybe I will find some time!!

    You gotta try the MegaFoods Hair Skin & Nails! I had stress-related hair loss as well, and this helped so much (and it makes your hair and nails grow like crazy; didn’t see any effects on skin).

    I keep hearing good things about that Andalou shampoo (and seeing it at TJ Maxx)! Gotta give it a go! I tried Desert Essences (raspberry) recently but didn’t like it much. It doesn’t clean well enough, so I’ve been alternating with Acure and it’s taking me forever to get through it!

    I so agree with you on the May Lindstrom JG- I put my money on hydrosouls and Hauschka- evanhealy, Dr. H Facial Toner, and Alteya floral waters. I’ve been on a huge evanhealy kick for the past few weeks! Have you tried anything of hers?? Unsung hero, IMO.


    1. Hi Silvy!

      Yes, I have a backlog of so many posts that the only way to catch up is to post more often 🙂 Hope you’re having fun being single again. Is the MegaFoods supplement a Biotin Supplement? I’ve been taking one from Nature’s Gate, I think. Can’t tell if it’s helping with the hair loss or not, but my hair definitely seems to be growing faster than usual! xx

      I think I discovered a shampoo dud recently as well…Will do a post about it 😦 I’ve been using it as a second cleanse, because it doesn’t clean well enough. So I need another shampoo to first do the main job! LOL.

      So glad we agree re: JG. Never tried anything from Evan Healy, but seen the brand around, esp. at Whole Foods. Thanks for the tip – will add it to my “wish list” 🙂

      Much love,


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