Sunday Riley – Luna Sleeping Night Oil

15 thoughts on “Sunday Riley – Luna Sleeping Night Oil”

  1. Awesome review! I remember seeing Claire from heyclaire on YouTube rave about this oil, but I was like ehhhh. I thought it wasn’t as natural, but it turns out the ingredient list isnt that bad after all! I’m still young, so wrinkles aren’t an issue just yet, but I’ll definitely bookmark this for future reference!


    1. Hi Carolyn!

      Thanks for reading. I recently saw her video too, after some others on Instagram mentioned about it. She did a great job of summing up the results! Great idea to bookmark for later – definitely save your dollars now since I think you’re still in your early 20s! Xx

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  2. amazind detailed review Ruhi! I’m dying to hear your thought about this oil 🙂 i agree with you 105$ for an efficient facial oil worth the price. I step in the retinol world last week too, with true natural botanicals and for now i’m very impressed! I’ll wait a good month before review, good night and thanks for this post, my curiosity is now ok with this blue sky oil xx


    1. Hi Julie!

      I am eyeing that oil from True Nature Botanicals as well 🙂 Will wait for your review before investing in it! xx

      Good night and hope you had a lovely weekend!


    1. Hi Jana!

      Thank you for reading 🙂 Hope you’re able to get your hands on this soon. Just heard on IG that SpaceNK sells this in Europe. xx


  3. I am a huge fan of face oils. I have tried so many that I have lost count.

    And this one is on my wishlist. All the oils are on my list. I am waiting for her to make a oil starter kit with samples of all the oils she makes. Till then, waiting it out since I dont know which one to pick.


    1. Hi Archana,

      I’ve tried and loved tons of face oils too! 🙂 I’ve lost count of how many I currently have in stock. If you’re looking for a night time treatment + oil, I would highly recommend this one. Just started using Flora yesterday, and I’m already in love with that! I heard from a friend that SR will be releasing the mini versions this Fall 🙂 Looks like you’re in luck! xx


      1. You’re very welcome! Also, Sephora has a special currently – Free Deluxe sample (6.8 ml) of Luna oil free with any $25+ order. If you were looking to purchase something else, this might be a good opportunity! X


  4. Sounds fantastic! I’ve only seen rave reviews since Luna launched, everyone seems pretty blown away. I keep telling myself the dye is a deal breaker – I avoid them in makeup too – but I stumbled across a free deluxe sample offer on Sephora and I’m super tempted to just give in now!


    1. Hi Caitie!

      Initially, I tried hard to resist too, mainly because of the dyes, but I’m super glad I took the jump – this oil is VERY different from all others I’ve tried, and has worked wonders for my skin. I saw that Sephora deal too! 🙂 I am thinking of placing an order just so I can get another deluxe version for traveling! xx


  5. Luna is an amazing oil. I couldn’t be without it now. Unfortunately it’s not available in Australia yet, but I managed to get ahold of a bottle when it was first released and had a shipping redirect company post to me and then got my sister to pick up a back up when she was travelling in the U.S. earlier this year. Hopefully it will be launched here before I get thru these!
    The Beauty Bloss


    1. Hi there! Thank you for reading and for the comment! That’s just hard core fandom haha – kudos to you for being able to get your hands on not one, but two bottles! I hope they release this oil worldwide too. It’s a beauty and I’m sure many more will get a chance to love it 🙂


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