Arcona – Two is Company

16 thoughts on “Arcona – Two is Company”

    1. Thank you! Xx Aww I didn’t know about your LA collection! I am currently using some other products from Arcona as well, and seriously loving everything (which is so rare!). What’s your favorite product? Any recommendations? Thanks for reading!


  1. Ooo sounds delicious! I think the skin is slightly acidic- about ph 5- which makes sense to me- my skin loves acids! ACV, AHAs…

    I usually forego moisturizer in the summer, actually (unless my Badger SPF counts). I just do oil + SPF. In winter, it’s oil + moisturizer + SPF, cuz I’m wild like that. BUT I do love the Pai Geranium Thistle for a lightweight summer moisturizer. The rosehip chamo one is awesome too, for winter, but they’ve gotten so darn expensive! I haven’t repurchased in forever.


    1. Hi Silvy!

      My skin loves acids too. I need acids (and now, retinols) in order to keep those pesky spots at bay! Thank you for sharing your current skincare routine. For this summer, I am mostly relying on water based serums+ a face moisturizer + SPF. Somehow, my skin seems to be doing better sans oil in the AM. I’m using oils in the PM. I’ve never been a heavy sunscreen wearer, and this is the first summer when I’m really making an effort to wear one everyday. Currently testing a couple, but can’t say I’ve found a HG yet. Either they’re too oily, or too matte or cause a white cast on my darker skin tone. Sorry for the off topic rant! LOL.

      I think Pai has a promo going on currently, where they’re giving away a full sized sunscreen with a skincare set. Might be worth looking into? 🙂 Those moisturizers sure sound lovely!

      Much love
      Ruhi xx


    1. Hi Caitie,

      Thanks for reading! 🙂 They do have a wide range of products to cater to a large audience. Good to know this brand has been on your wish list for a while! I’ve started testing their Advanced “A” serum, and will post an update on that in a couple of weeks! xx


  2. Have you tried Arcona the Gentle solution? Thinking about buying that as my first Arcona product. How does this cleanser compare to Yuli Halcyon? Which do you prefer? Thank you!!


    1. Hi Alyssa,

      This cleanser is thicker compared to Halcyon, which is very water like (I have a separate review on Halcyon too, if you’re interested). Arcona’s cleanser is much stronger too. If you’re looking for a deep clean, I’d go for Arcona. If you want something very mild, I would recommend Halcyon. I hope this helps! xx


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