Empties – May

I have a huge number of empties for the month of May (*insert happy grin*), and my tiny bin that I use to store my empties was crying due to the overload! That, and also the satisfaction I get by recycling empty bottles prompted this post. So, let’s crack on! First up are the Hair care … Continue reading Empties – May

Empties – April

Another month draws to an end  (almost!), and that means it’s time for an empties post. This was a very successful month for me – My #NoBuy resolution is still going strong, and I racked up quite a few empties. I hope to continue this trend for at least another month, until the #ANFGB Goodeboxes … Continue reading Empties – April

Empties from #GreenSurvivor Challenge

I’ve been meaning to do a post with a recap of all my empties from #GreenSurvivor challenge that was spearheaded by Tammy.  The challenge was to come up with 10 empties (Makeup – 2, Skincare – 3, Body Care – 5) before Feb 19th, 2015, and no new beauty purchases until then! I was really worried about the makeup category since those items take forever, and I wear very minimal makeup on a daily basis. BUT I managed to surprise myself by finishing up all by end of January.

Short Description and Review of each empty item as follows (Pics were posted on Instagram with the hashtag #GreenSurvivor if you’re curious). On a side note, I am still trying to figure out if I should regularly review my empties on this blog or just on my Instagram feed (especially those that are sample sized or ho-hum-not-very-interesting products). All my empties so far can be found on my Instagram feed with the hashtag #ruhiempties. Do you like to see empties posts? Please let me know in the comments 😉

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Currently Loving – Episode 1

I realize so far all my posts have been “single product detailed review” types, and most of the times, I probably won’t get to those until I’ve really used up a product. I don’t like to post reviews until I’ve used a product for at least a couple of months, since my skin is super reactive. So, I’m starting a new “Currently Loving” series where I’ll highlight products that are really working for me. I hope to do these on a monthly basis (we’ll see!)

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Yuli Skincare – Halcyon Cleanser

Whenever the cult brand, Yuli, announces a new product, my antennae automatically stand up for a simple reason – Their products make an impact. Green beauty world has seen lots of cleansing grains, balms and oils, but there exists a huge gap in the cleansing gel space. Growing up, the only type of cleanser I used was the gel, soapy kind. So, I’m of the mindset, if the gel cleansers worked for me as a kid, why can’t they still work for me (minus the soapiness and surfactants, of course) as an adult? I love cleansing grains and balm cleansers, but sometimes, I just want to quickly wash my face and go to bed, and when it comes to ease of use, gel cleansers will probably be on top of everyone’s list.

I’m happy to say that Yuli’s Halcyon Cleanser gets a bright green signal from a girl whose skin changes with every season. I have combination acne-prone skin and even though I love the experience of using cleansing grains and balms, I just can’t trust my skin to behave well without incorporating a “traditional” cleanser (minus the suds). For this reason, I was extremely enthused when Yuli announced a traditionally functioning, gel cleanser.


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