Empties – March

empties - march

Apart from the Empties from the #GreenSurvivor challenge, I have a whole bunch of other empties that I wanted to summarize here. It gives me such a sense of achievement to finish up products – I’m sure I’m not alone here, right? This post has been in Draft status for the longest time, and I’ve already collected many more empties that I’ll post soon. Also, I have decided that I need to put a spending ban – my stash is out of control (again!). The sheer number of products I have can sustain an entire family for at least a couple of years. So, I’ve started giving away samples and products that I know I’ll never get to — especially to those who are just getting started on their green beauty journey and would like to make the switch. I am putting it in writing here so I can be held accountable – I will not be purchasing any new skincare and makeup items, unless it can’t be substituted with a similar product from my stash.

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Tatcha – Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream and Upcoming New Releases


I’ve been using Tatcha’s Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream ($135/15 ml) since the longest time I can remember. I got hooked onto it in 2013, when Tatcha used to have promos where they would hand out a generously sized deluxe sample of the eye cream or the face moisturizer with ANY order. Unbelievable, right? I have placed so many orders on their website in the past couple of years that I have always managed to have some samples at my disposal (this is after distributing some to my mom and sis). In between the various deluxe samples and foil packets, I’m sure I must have gone through the equivalent of at least two full sizes! Now that I’m finally run out, I broke down and bought a full size.

I have always held the stance that we don’t need anything special for our eye area. If it’s good enough for the face, it should be good enough for my eyes too, right? And I still believe in this theory partly – It would be hard to part with my cash for an oil based eye serum. I use all my face oils around my eyes with absolutely no problem. In fact, my face oils do a better job at nourishing my eye cream than the eye creams from most brands (Dr. Alkaitis, Phoenix Botanicals, Hollybeth Organics etc.) that I’ve tried so far. Almost all eye creams cause my eyes to water and the skin around my eyes to itch, except for Tatcha’s eye cream.

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