Empties – May

I have a huge number of empties for the month of May (*insert happy grin*), and my tiny bin that I use to store my empties was crying due to the overload! That, and also the satisfaction I get by recycling empty bottles prompted this post. So, let’s crack on! First up are the Hair care … Continue reading Empties – May

Empties – April

Another month draws to an end  (almost!), and that means it’s time for an empties post. This was a very successful month for me – My #NoBuy resolution is still going strong, and I racked up quite a few empties. I hope to continue this trend for at least another month, until the #ANFGB Goodeboxes … Continue reading Empties – April

Empties – March

empties - march

Apart from the Empties from the #GreenSurvivor challenge, I have a whole bunch of other empties that I wanted to summarize here. It gives me such a sense of achievement to finish up products – I’m sure I’m not alone here, right? This post has been in Draft status for the longest time, and I’ve already collected many more empties that I’ll post soon. Also, I have decided that I need to put a spending ban – my stash is out of control (again!). The sheer number of products I have can sustain an entire family for at least a couple of years. So, I’ve started giving away samples and products that I know I’ll never get to — especially to those who are just getting started on their green beauty journey and would like to make the switch. I am putting it in writing here so I can be held accountable – I will not be purchasing any new skincare and makeup items, unless it can’t be substituted with a similar product from my stash.

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S.W Basics – Hibiscus Face Mask


Just like everything else that S.W Basics makes, the Hibiscus Face mask has been created with very simple and effective natural ingredients. In fact, the mask boasts of only 3 ingredients: Hibiscus, French Green Clay, and Lavender Powder. Having never used a Red colored mask before, the burgundy red, eye catching hue imparted by Hibiscus was more than sufficient to pique my interest. When this mask was initially introduced to the market, I remember reading somewhere that it was supposed to be Limited Edition only. And if it’s limited edition, obviously I’ve got to have a piece of the pie, right? It ended up becoming a part of SWB permanent collection somewhere later down the lane – who can blame S.W Basics when they see people falling on top of each other to buy a reasonably priced,mostly organic mask for $22 (2.5 oz). Currently, it seems to be sold out on the website.

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Some Empties – January

I have so many different empties – both full size and samples – but to keep this post manageable, I’ll mention five full or deluxe sized products for now. There are some more samples that I used up recently and those will be mentioned in a separate post. Some of us are also participating in #GreenSurvivor Instagram challenge by Tamara – this is guaranteed to produce some more empties and I’ll do a separate post on that once the competition ends.

Empties - Episode 1

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Yuli’s Pure Mask v. May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver

Yuli versus May Lindstrom masks

Let me start off by saying that even though I’ve used both Yuli Skincare’s Pure Mask and May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver, comparing the two masks is an extremely formidable task. Before the purchase of these masks, I hardly ever used to apply DIY clay masks on my skin. In fact, my mindset was “Why should I have to mix my mask? It should be ready made. Doh!”. It is due to the results and beauty of these masks that I started believing in the power of purchasing masks in concentrated, powder form and then adding the liquid of choice during preparation stage, depending upon the skin condition. A year after using these masks, I no longer wish to purchase ready made masks – although these are fast and efficient, we do pay for the convenience, and a lot of times, these masks need to be used up faster because of the liquid/water content. There are numerous blog posts on both masks; so I thought I would do something different and compare the two instead, especially for those who are new to green beauty and are still in the process of making up their minds – So, which mask wins?

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HG: Tata Harper – Resurfacing Mask


This mask is the only product from Tata Harper’s much talked about 100% natural, Vermont based range that I own in full size. I have tried samples sizes of Tata’s cleansers, serums, and moisturizers, but find it difficult to use them for more than a couple of days, because they’re too rich for my skin type. This mask though, is something else. After reading Spirit Demerson’s glowing review of this product, and seeing an Instagram pic on her top shelf of masks, I had to get one even before trying it (Note to myself: Sample products before you buy, especially the expensive ones). For a while, it just sat in my beauty closet, untouched, ignored between many other formidable competitors, in the form of Yuli’s Pure Mask and May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver. When I finally got around to using it, I wasn’t impressed.

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