Kypris Beauty Serums – Antioxidant Dew, Clearing Serum, and Moonlight Catalyst

Even though the green beauty market is quite crowded, where new brands pop up every single day, Kypris Beauty clearly holds its own ground, thanks to a carefully curated line of Beauty Serums and Beauty Elixirs. I held off on purchasing their products for a very long time, primarily because I was in no immediate need of new … Continue reading Kypris Beauty Serums – Antioxidant Dew, Clearing Serum, and Moonlight Catalyst

Empties – April

Another month draws to an end  (almost!), and that means it’s time for an empties post. This was a very successful month for me – My #NoBuy resolution is still going strong, and I racked up quite a few empties. I hope to continue this trend for at least another month, until the #ANFGB Goodeboxes … Continue reading Empties – April

Odacité – Papaya Geranium (Pa+G) Serum Concentrate

What is it? A one month Pa+G serum/oil treatment for hyperpgimentation from the luxurious, organic skincare line, Odacité. The serum comes in a small 5 ml bottle, and is a concentrated treatment that targets and reduces brown spots, acne marks, preventing the formation of additional wrinkles and further pigmentation. Price: $39/5 ml Where to purchase? Odacité … Continue reading Odacité – Papaya Geranium (Pa+G) Serum Concentrate

Empties from #GreenSurvivor Challenge

I’ve been meaning to do a post with a recap of all my empties from #GreenSurvivor challenge that was spearheaded by Tammy.  The challenge was to come up with 10 empties (Makeup – 2, Skincare – 3, Body Care – 5) before Feb 19th, 2015, and no new beauty purchases until then! I was really worried about the makeup category since those items take forever, and I wear very minimal makeup on a daily basis. BUT I managed to surprise myself by finishing up all by end of January.

Short Description and Review of each empty item as follows (Pics were posted on Instagram with the hashtag #GreenSurvivor if you’re curious). On a side note, I am still trying to figure out if I should regularly review my empties on this blog or just on my Instagram feed (especially those that are sample sized or ho-hum-not-very-interesting products). All my empties so far can be found on my Instagram feed with the hashtag #ruhiempties. Do you like to see empties posts? Please let me know in the comments 😉

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Yuli Skincare – Modern Alchemist Face Serum

Yuli Skincare Modern Alchemist Face Serum

These days, green beauty lovers are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a face oil. The market place is littered with brands offering so many different types of oils, and chances are that it’s not too difficult to find one that suits your skin type and your wallet. And of course, new brands pop up every single day, with pretty much the same offerings (an oil, a balm, a grain cleanser, a floral toner…). So, herein lies the conundrum for someone new to the green beauty scene – how do you pick one that’s guaranteed to deliver results?

Yuli is one brand I’ve grown to trust over the last couple of years. It’s always exciting to share my Yuli experience, not only due to their unique blends, but also because the brand has somewhat of a cult following. Where sending free products in return for (unspoken) positive reviews is commonplace, this is one brand that actively shuns the practice, and in fact, relies on word of mouth marketing, and most importantly, on the stellar performance of its products. And this is precisely one of the reasons when you come across a review for Yuli’s product, you can trust it’s not paid for (directly or indirectly). After using Yuli’s Modern Alchemist religiously for 6+ months and finishing off about 60% of the bottle, I think I have finally gathered my thoughts.

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