Toner Love – Part II

Toners Melvita Josh Rosebrook Tatcha Andalou Naturals The Jasmine Garden This is the second and final post of my Toner series. Click here to read the first post that covers the toners that I use pre cleansing, and my current favorite to balance my skin’s pH post cleansing. I am labeling these products into a common category of “Toner”, but do realize that this is such an outdated term, and the hydrating mists/facial mists/liquid exfoliants do so much more than just “tone”.  Anyway, this post covers the remaining “types” of toners currently in my rotation. Continue reading “Toner Love – Part II”

Kahina Giving Beauty – Toning Mist Review

kahina giving beauty toning mist

I had previously written a short blurb on Kahina Giving Beauty’s Toning Mist after sampling it through Spirity Beauty Lounge’s sampling program, and at that time, I didn’t really think much about this facial mist. So, I absolutely had to write this post as a follow up, to set things straight: No, this is not “tap water”. This is a sophisticated, high end, natural facial mist that is really soothing and a pleasure to use every day. My earlier impressions comparing it to “tap water” points to a problem I have with small samples: It’s very hard to form a proper opinion on a product. Sometimes, I love things I shouldn’t, and many a times, I dismiss products that turn out to be bloody brilliant. Which is why, it would be much better if we could instead access deluxe sized samples (maybe we could start a movement to have companies send us just one deluxe sample instead of 3 or 4 small samples?). Anyway, back to the product review…

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Some Empties – January

I have so many different empties – both full size and samples – but to keep this post manageable, I’ll mention five full or deluxe sized products for now. There are some more samples that I used up recently and those will be mentioned in a separate post. Some of us are also participating in #GreenSurvivor Instagram challenge by Tamara – this is guaranteed to produce some more empties and I’ll do a separate post on that once the competition ends.

Empties - Episode 1

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Tatcha – Luminous Dewy Skin Mist


I’m yet to find a product that performs similarly to Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. When I was first introduced to this, I mistook it for a face toner, but after a couple of uses, I understood that calling this product a “toner” is not quite right. It’s really a liquid moisturizer, and as such, is not meant to be used as a toner. When it comes to the actual usage, it’s closer to a face moisturizer than it is to a toner.

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