Yuli Skincare – Modern Alchemist Face Serum

Yuli Skincare Modern Alchemist Face Serum

These days, green beauty lovers are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a face oil. The market place is littered with brands offering so many different types of oils, and chances are that it’s not too difficult to find one that suits your skin type and your wallet. And of course, new brands pop up every single day, with pretty much the same offerings (an oil, a balm, a grain cleanser, a floral toner…). So, herein lies the conundrum for someone new to the green beauty scene – how do you pick one that’s guaranteed to deliver results?

Yuli is one brand I’ve grown to trust over the last couple of years. It’s always exciting to share my Yuli experience, not only due to their unique blends, but also because the brand has somewhat of a cult following. Where sending free products in return for (unspoken) positive reviews is commonplace, this is one brand that actively shuns the practice, and in fact, relies on word of mouth marketing, and most importantly, on the stellar performance of its products. And this is precisely one of the reasons when you come across a review for Yuli’s product, you can trust it’s not paid for (directly or indirectly). After using Yuli’s Modern Alchemist religiously for 6+ months and finishing off about 60% of the bottle, I think I have finally gathered my thoughts.

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Yüli Skincare – Cell Perfecto PM

cell perfecto pm yuli

As promised in the Liquid Courage review, I am back with an update on another extremely popular Face Serum, made by Yüli Skincare – Cell Perfecto PM. Now that I’m having trouble reaching the last few drops through the dropper, I thought maybe it’s time to do a review where I’ll try to justify my stance on this extremely advanced serum, aimed mostly at those who deal with hyper pigmentation and acne scars.

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Yuli Skincare – Liquid Courage

For a skincare hoarder specializing in face oils, it’s very rare that I’ll actually finish a full 1 oz bottle of any face oil, however good it might be. I am proud to say that Yuli’s Liquid Courage is the very first face oil that was used, and used till the last frikkin’ drop!


Photo Courtesy of Yuli Skincare

Although I bought it sometime last year, it wasn’t until July/Aug of this year that I got around to using it regularly. See, I wanted something trusty. Something that wouldn’t cause my finicky normal/combo acne prone skin to break out. Before I was scheduled to travel to Europe, I finally settled down on this mighty bottle as my armor to combat additional travel related breakouts that I always seem to get! But guess what?

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