Empties – May

I have a huge number of empties for the month of May (*insert happy grin*), and my tiny bin that I use to store my empties was crying due to the overload! That, and also the satisfaction I get by recycling empty bottles prompted this post. So, let’s crack on! First up are the Hair care … Continue reading Empties – May

Toner Love – Part II

Toners Melvita Josh Rosebrook Tatcha Andalou Naturals The Jasmine Garden This is the second and final post of my Toner series. Click here to read the first post that covers the toners that I use pre cleansing, and my current favorite to balance my skin’s pH post cleansing. I am labeling these products into a common category of “Toner”, but do realize that this is such an outdated term, and the hydrating mists/facial mists/liquid exfoliants do so much more than just “tone”.  Anyway, this post covers the remaining “types” of toners currently in my rotation. Continue reading “Toner Love – Part II”

Yuli’s Pure Mask v. May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver

Yuli versus May Lindstrom masks

Let me start off by saying that even though I’ve used both Yuli Skincare’s Pure Mask and May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver, comparing the two masks is an extremely formidable task. Before the purchase of these masks, I hardly ever used to apply DIY clay masks on my skin. In fact, my mindset was “Why should I have to mix my mask? It should be ready made. Doh!”. It is due to the results and beauty of these masks that I started believing in the power of purchasing masks in concentrated, powder form and then adding the liquid of choice during preparation stage, depending upon the skin condition. A year after using these masks, I no longer wish to purchase ready made masks – although these are fast and efficient, we do pay for the convenience, and a lot of times, these masks need to be used up faster because of the liquid/water content. There are numerous blog posts on both masks; so I thought I would do something different and compare the two instead, especially for those who are new to green beauty and are still in the process of making up their minds – So, which mask wins?

Continue reading “Yuli’s Pure Mask v. May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver”