Empties – April

Another month draws to an end  (almost!), and that means it’s time for an empties post. This was a very successful month for me – My #NoBuy resolution is still going strong, and I racked up quite a few empties. I hope to continue this trend for at least another month, until the #ANFGB Goodeboxes … Continue reading Empties – April

Odacité – Papaya Geranium (Pa+G) Serum Concentrate

What is it? A one month Pa+G serum/oil treatment for hyperpgimentation from the luxurious, organic skincare line, Odacité. The serum comes in a small 5 ml bottle, and is a concentrated treatment that targets and reduces brown spots, acne marks, preventing the formation of additional wrinkles and further pigmentation. Price: $39/5 ml Where to purchase? Odacité … Continue reading Odacité – Papaya Geranium (Pa+G) Serum Concentrate

February Lust List

February Lust List

My Instagram followers are probably well aware that I’ve had a bit of a splurge in the last two weeks, ever since the #greensurvivor challenge hosted by Tamara ended (Participants needed to cough up 2 – Makeup, 3 – Skincare and 4 – Body care empties by 02/19). In addition, ahem, I bought a couple of other products from Tatcha, Fig + Yarrow, and RMS Beauty over the weekend (need someone to snatch away my credit card from me – No, that won’t work either because I have it memorized). By the way, all of this week, F + Y has an amazing 40% off discount sale that you must take advantage of! I’ve been lusting after this brand since a long time, and finally took this opportunity to splurge. RMS Beauty was giving away 4 lip shines for $60 only (40% off) as a V-Day special — I’ve never bought anything from them previously (gasp!) since I have a lot of makeup products that still need using up, but my inherent hoarder mentality couldn’t resist this offer. I’ll post pictures of these hauls as soon as my packages arrive. AND, I won Deep Steep and the super awesome Kjaer Weis $75 Gift Card Giveaway (still waiting on the goodies to arrive…). Guys, I never win giveaways! I’m super stoked.

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