Some Empties – January

I have so many different empties – both full size and samples – but to keep this post manageable, I’ll mention five full or deluxe sized products for now. There are some more samples that I used up recently and those will be mentioned in a separate post. Some of us are also participating in #GreenSurvivor Instagram challenge by Tamara – this is guaranteed to produce some more empties and I’ll do a separate post on that once the competition ends.

Empties - Episode 1

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La Bella Figura – Modern Radiance Concentrate

Photo Courtesy of La Bella Figura

La Bella Figura’s Modern Radiance Concentrate has to be the most talked about Vitamin C serum in the green beauty space. And why not? It’s been marketed as “… a multi-tasking and complete concentrated Vitamin C gel cream formulated with advanced technology from actives derived from cellular extraction of the world’s highest source of Vitamin C found only in Australia’s wild harvested kakadu plums.” So, did it live up to my expectations?

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Yuli Skincare – Liquid Courage

For a skincare hoarder specializing in face oils, it’s very rare that I’ll actually finish a full 1 oz bottle of any face oil, however good it might be. I am proud to say that Yuli’s Liquid Courage is the very first face oil that was used, and used till the last frikkin’ drop!


Photo Courtesy of Yuli Skincare

Although I bought it sometime last year, it wasn’t until July/Aug of this year that I got around to using it regularly. See, I wanted something trusty. Something that wouldn’t cause my finicky normal/combo acne prone skin to break out. Before I was scheduled to travel to Europe, I finally settled down on this mighty bottle as my armor to combat additional travel related breakouts that I always seem to get! But guess what?

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