Empties – May

I have a huge number of empties for the month of May (*insert happy grin*), and my tiny bin that I use to store my empties was crying due to the overload! That, and also the satisfaction I get by recycling empty bottles prompted this post. So, let’s crack on! First up are the Hair care … Continue reading Empties – May

Empties – April

Another month draws to an end  (almost!), and that means it’s time for an empties post. This was a very successful month for me – My #NoBuy resolution is still going strong, and I racked up quite a few empties. I hope to continue this trend for at least another month, until the #ANFGB Goodeboxes … Continue reading Empties – April

Toner Love – Part II

Toners Melvita Josh Rosebrook Tatcha Andalou Naturals The Jasmine Garden This is the second and final post of my Toner series. Click here to read the first post that covers the toners that I use pre cleansing, and my current favorite to balance my skin’s pH post cleansing. I am labeling these products into a common category of “Toner”, but do realize that this is such an outdated term, and the hydrating mists/facial mists/liquid exfoliants do so much more than just “tone”.  Anyway, this post covers the remaining “types” of toners currently in my rotation. Continue reading “Toner Love – Part II”

Tatcha – Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream and Upcoming New Releases


I’ve been using Tatcha’s Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream ($135/15 ml) since the longest time I can remember. I got hooked onto it in 2013, when Tatcha used to have promos where they would hand out a generously sized deluxe sample of the eye cream or the face moisturizer with ANY order. Unbelievable, right? I have placed so many orders on their website in the past couple of years that I have always managed to have some samples at my disposal (this is after distributing some to my mom and sis). In between the various deluxe samples and foil packets, I’m sure I must have gone through the equivalent of at least two full sizes! Now that I’m finally run out, I broke down and bought a full size.

I have always held the stance that we don’t need anything special for our eye area. If it’s good enough for the face, it should be good enough for my eyes too, right? And I still believe in this theory partly – It would be hard to part with my cash for an oil based eye serum. I use all my face oils around my eyes with absolutely no problem. In fact, my face oils do a better job at nourishing my eye cream than the eye creams from most brands (Dr. Alkaitis, Phoenix Botanicals, Hollybeth Organics etc.) that I’ve tried so far. Almost all eye creams cause my eyes to water and the skin around my eyes to itch, except for Tatcha’s eye cream.

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February Lust List

February Lust List

My Instagram followers are probably well aware that I’ve had a bit of a splurge in the last two weeks, ever since the #greensurvivor challenge hosted by Tamara ended (Participants needed to cough up 2 – Makeup, 3 – Skincare and 4 – Body care empties by 02/19). In addition, ahem, I bought a couple of other products from Tatcha, Fig + Yarrow, and RMS Beauty over the weekend (need someone to snatch away my credit card from me – No, that won’t work either because I have it memorized). By the way, all of this week, F + Y has an amazing 40% off discount sale that you must take advantage of! I’ve been lusting after this brand since a long time, and finally took this opportunity to splurge. RMS Beauty was giving away 4 lip shines for $60 only (40% off) as a V-Day special — I’ve never bought anything from them previously (gasp!) since I have a lot of makeup products that still need using up, but my inherent hoarder mentality couldn’t resist this offer. I’ll post pictures of these hauls as soon as my packages arrive. AND, I won Deep Steep and the super awesome Kjaer Weis $75 Gift Card Giveaway (still waiting on the goodies to arrive…). Guys, I never win giveaways! I’m super stoked.

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Tatcha – Camellia Moisturizing Lip Balm

Tatcha Camellia Nourishing Lip Balm I am extremely picky about products I put on my face, but when it comes to lip balms, I am pretty low maintenance – As long as it’s a green product (no parabens, no mineral oil etc.), I will use it. That being said, Tatcha’s Camella Nourishing Lip Balm caught my attention immediately after its release. Packed in a somewhat heavy, high end glass container with a beautiful purple lid encrusted with Tatcha’s signature logo, this lip balm is designed to feel luxurious, and make people sit up and take notice. Tatcha’s never marketed itself as a 100% green brand, and they do use some iffy ingredients (phenoxyethanol being one), but on the whole, I am willing to look the other side, because everything that I’ve tried so far from this brand (and I’ve tried lots!), just works.

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