Toner Love – Part I

15 thoughts on “Toner Love – Part I”

  1. I’ve always been interested in trying the Avene water but could never bring myself to pay the price for it on Amazon! I was skeptical that it was just glorified water but I do believe that it’s qualities make it useful for the skin even though it is quite a luxury! I’m still using the Thayers Witch Hazel right now but I would be interested in trying Andalou naturals after reading your review. It seems like it’s right up my alley! I’m glad that the P50 at least worked out for you in the beginning since I’ve heard stories of how it may be too harsh as well and as with anything else, I was afraid that the results would not last long once the skin was acclimated to the product. I wonder if the product still works for people who have made their way to the strongest formulation and have been using it for years? Thanks so much for the insight, I think I’ll pass on the P50(it’s difficult to find here!) but I’m intrigued by the Andalou naturals toner! Have you been able to see any noticeable improvements in your skin since you’ve started using the Andalou toner?


    1. Hi Vanessa!

      Avene Thermal Water is definitely a luxury, but even for a person who’s so heavy handed as me, it would probably last a long time. I’ve found it to be the cheapest on Sometimes they run various deals and it might come to be even cheaper. This one time, my local Walgreens had a great offer on LRP Thermal Spring Water! I have seen many many positive reviews on P50 (on MUA), and was a little surprised when it didn’t quite work for me 😦 Heartbroken even. I think the idea is to rotate this toner along with a gentler exfoliating toner, to give your skin some time to repair. As such, the product mig always remain effective, as long as it suits your skin. I think the spas here also sell a smaller 1.7 oz size, and you can buy online if you’re really curious. Regarding the Andalou toner, I really like it, and will probably end up repurchasing once I get through some of my stash. It has really helped me with the pore clogging issues. My skin just feels smoother and cleaner after using it. I got mine at, they also have these great flash sales! If you already have a toner you’re happy with, you might not need this. But I was looking for a mild exfoliating toner, and this fits the purpose perfectly! Xx


    1. The Andalou range in general is quite reasonable and they have many other toners too, all with very impressive ingredients. 🙂 Definitely take a look at their range!


    1. Oooh that’s awesome! So pleased to meet a fellow toner addict 😛 Part II will hopefully be up sometime next week, Ru!

      P.S. – Just realized that “Ru” and “Ruhi” share the same syllables!


  2. I loveeee my toners as much as you do! I recently got into BR’s P50 (without phenol) as well and though it’s not exactly the cleanest product it helped clear up annoying little bumps I kept getting on my cheeks and jawline. I feel breakouts clear faster with it too. My skin isn’t super sensitive so I went to using full strength after feeling no sting during application for the first few days. I do realize if I drag it across my face instead of patting it in, it does burn my skin a little. Nothing serious, very superficial and there’s slight scabbing but it usually disappears after using YULI’s Cell Perfecto.

    I too use French thermal waters, rotating between brands (Avene/Vichy/LRP/Uriage). I also love Heritage Store’s Rosewater with Glycerin. A super affordable but lovely smelling spray.

    So sorry for going on endlessly, I just wanted to share toner love!


    1. Hi, Thanks so much for your comment! Very happy to know P50 is working out fine for you 🙂 I agree, dragging it across with face does tend to burn, a lot.

      So glad to bump into a fellow Thermal Water fan! 🙂 No need to apologize at all – I LOVE reading detailed litanies on skincare items. It’s kinda crazy. I have heard a lot about Heritage Store’s Rosewater, but haven’t picked it up yet since I believe it’s not made with the steam distillation process (it’s just purified water+ rose EO).

      Take care and thanks for stopping by!
      Ruhi xx


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