Empties – March

18 thoughts on “Empties – March”

  1. As usual a fantastic post from eagle eyed Ruhi 😛. Love that you investigate the ingredient list. Heavy handed toner user: i quite understand that part 😃 andalou pore minimiser is definitely on my list! Somehow i have not been tempted to buy the thermal water. I have no idea why 😐 something doesn’t attract me to it. 😐 i am tempted by Serozinc though.


    1. Well Thermal Spring Waters might be hard to get started on, since the effects on skin are not that readily visible. What really turned me into a devotee was this video from Isabella Bellis on how to clean your face: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXloVFZ6r9s. I can probably doze off listening to that voice, it’s that soothing! xx

      Yeah, not a whole lot of zinc in Serozinc. For me, it’s great as a substitute for hydrosols before the application of face oils because it’s quite cost effective and the zinc helps visibly calm down the redness!

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      1. Need to watch the video. Bought a travel sized avene thermal spring water on your recommendation today. Will use during my travels especially from the sun damage 😎🌞🌞


      2. Hahaha 🙂 Yay!! Get ready to be hooked…and yes you definitely need to watch the video. It’s the most soothing thing you’ll EVER watch. I promise! xx


  2. I don’t let myself accumulate backups anymore – it’s just leads to way too much stuff! And half the time, when I get around to using the backup, I’ve found something I like better anyways. Maybe that’s just me? Good luck on your spending ban!


    1. Hi Caitie, I know what you mean 🙂 I am kinda…discovering the same thing with most back ups. Problems of being a beauty blogger, I guess? We’re always on the search for the next Holy Grail! Haha.


  3. Ruhi, I loved your post 🙂 Am intrigued by the Andalou Naturals Minimizer! It’s so sweet that you use Badger Balm on Sasha. Have you checked out the red booties that Facebook famous dogs Boo & Buddy use? Their owner says it’s pretty comfortable for them to run around in outside 🙂


    1. Hi Ally, Thanks so much for your comment! The red booties that Boo and Buddy use are exactly what I have for Sasha too 🙂 They’re a little time consuming to put on though – So I usually reserve them for long walks, outings etc. It’s too much of a hassle for small potty breaks 😉 I love the Pore Minimizer – works out pretty well cost wise.


  4. Ohh, sweet, spoiled Sasha. ❤ 😉 I will have to try the Badger Balm for Lola's paws- I never thought of that! And I have noticed her paw pads getting a little dry and pink sometimes. (Lola's favorite lotion- for licking- is CV Skinlabs Body Repair- she can't get enough!)

    Re budget aspirations: For me, it's been a good thing! I actually wrote a post about it recently, and there it sits, with all my other drafts… but I think we've talked about it before. I have a monthly budget of $100 for skincare, though I try to stay under and if I go over, that carries over to deduct from next month's budget. (If I spend less, that doesn't carry over. :)) And, I only buy things on a given day (every 17th of the month or later). Anyhow, I have found that I'm much more thoughtful about what I buy, and I still get the pleasure of anticipation in organizing (and reorganizing, and reading reviews …) skin care lists- things to have on rotation for purchase, including favorites and maybe a few things I want to try as well. It's great fun! Good luck to you!

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    1. Hi Silvy,

      Lola sure takes a cue from her mom when it comes to beauty products 😉 She has great taste! Such a good idea to have a set budget every month. I used to do that for a while, and then stopped when the big sales happened! I definitely need to set a threshold when I go back to buying products. Oh, why wouldn’t you carry over the extra $$$ you didn’t spend? LOL. I would! Maybe throw in some extra for being a good girl. It’s such fun to read reviews and keep dreaming and reorganizing, isn’t it? Living vicariously through others…I need to catch up on so many blogs though. Work has been insane lately with no extra time. Look forward to reading new blog posts, whenever you find the time to hit the “Publish” button 😉

      Ruhi xx

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  5. Hey Ruhi!

    I have the Kypris Beauty Elixir III sample as well! It contains Rosehip oil which I am sensitive to, but it’s so light that if I mix one drop of it with my Moonlight Catalyst I can get away with not having any breakouts from it! Quite an achievement since I’m so sensitive with oils! I’m still not sure if I should splurge on the oil though, it isn’t exactly within my budget right now and I may never use up the large size. I’m thinking of just continuing to purchase the small sample sizes or just purchasing the trial size of the Liquid Courage by Yuli as per your recommendation!

    Big Love, Vanessa


    1. Hi Vanessa,

      I’m curious to know what your regular moisturizer is. Do you use a water based one? Yeah, the Kypris Oil is definitely quite expensive, and since no trial sizes are available, makes it harder for people to purchase for sure. If you use only a tiny drop once in a while, then continuing with small sample sizes probably makes a lot of sense, especially since it’s almost Summer….

      Much love,
      Ruhi xx


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