Empties from #GreenSurvivor Challenge

15 thoughts on “Empties from #GreenSurvivor Challenge”

    1. Hi Julie, The lazy me reared its head, and I thought, why not just use the IG pics? 😉 The flower vase idea is hardly mine – MANY are using their empties in the same way. Would love to see how you use yours xx Much love, Ruhi


  1. I truly understand that feeling where you feel sick using the same conditioner!!!! 😢but i do not not have any alternative other than using the same two conditioners. One is natural : Shea moisture coconut 😊and hibiscus conditioner and the other is Tresemme. Unfortunately i have to use the Tresemme ‘natural’ conditioner because it is super thick and goopy and a must for my superdry hair. No amount of preconditioning can save my hair (i am pretty dedicated like that–i oil my hair every single time i wash)
    Shea moisture is great with it ingredients but then i still have to live with Tresemme. And inspite of all this i have to follow it up with my giovanni leave-in and avocado oil mix. Quite something isn’t it. Things that i do to stop me from looking like a hot air balloon 🚀 or an extraterrestrial to be precise !!! 😀
    when i am done with the shea moisture i would try natures gate. Have heard good things from wavy curly haired girls.
    Also like your frank opinion about the Kahina toning mist 😊. I believe the price should justify itself.
    Case in point :I used to use Trilogy rosehip oil. Beautiful oil, don’t get me wrong BUT when i tried the Balm Balm rosehip serum it made me think. I was paying a little less than Trilogy and yet i loved that blend! Beautiful blend.
    And as i started exploring British brands i came across cheaper brands such as Celtic Herbals which were handmade and had the most beautiful concoctions and did a better job than some “branded” facial oils.
    I also get annoyed when so called natural brands such as Bodyshop starts making facial serums and are overpriced and contain some questionable ingredients. But that is a discussion for another day.😀

    By the way would be delighted to meet you whenever you visit London 😍😍

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    1. Hi Swapna! It feels so good to read your detailed comments, you have no idea 🙂

      It’s great to know you’re so still regularly oiling your hair – I try to do it once a week, but sometimes, I end up not doing it. For me, the biggest problem with hair oil is that irrespective of the blend I try, I loose a lot of hair during the oiling process. Does that happen to you too?

      Maybe what you need instead of a regular conditioner is a “deep conditioner” and just use that as your regular conditioner. There are many clean brands that offer these…although I don’t really have much use for them because my hair is just the opposite – oily, and fairly “thin” by my standards, although my hair stylist says I have good hair. Haha. Have you tried using Argan oil as a leave in conditioner? Give me some of your hair, girl!!! I’ll be happy with the hot air balloon problem 😛

      I’ve heard a lot about Celtic Herbals, but yet to try anything, since they’re not very popular over here Stateside. Have you tried the Rosehip oil from Pai Skincare? That’s another popular one. They had a VDay promo a while ago where they were giving it away for free with GBP X purchase (don’t remember the threshold).

      It’s funny you mention TBS because I used to be a huge fan and still have some of their products that are just wasting away under my bathroom sink – I laugh when people say TBS is natural, and have actually had huge arguments with their loyal customers, but then realized the futility of the entire exercise and gave up 🙂

      I would be delighted to meet you too!! I’ll definitely keep in touch and let you know if I’m headed across the pond!

      Much love,
      Ruhi xx


  2. Hey Ruhi!
    Wonderful post! I really like the Tarte Gifted Mascara for everyday use too. That Halcyon cleanser is seriously tempting and seriously expensive! I’ve heard Yuli is notorious for not having sales so I’m probably going to have to bite the bullet sooner or later( especially if you keep posting these tempting products!). Oh, do I spot an Oskia product in the background? One of my next purchases I have planned for next winter is the Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel. I’ve heard great things about it!

    P.s. I see Gigi on your iPad! I adore her!


    1. Dear Vanessa,

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment! Halcyon is a little expensive, but I think in line with other comparable high end green beauty cleansers. Yeah, Yuli almost never has any sales. The last one they had was an 8% off sale…If you want to try it, I would say just go for it.

      Yes, I do have an Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel kicking around in the background. I was hoping to test that next, but after using it a couple of times, it’s been shelved for now. I am not really a big fan of using a washcloth to take off my cleanser (the abrasion is too much for my skin). I’ll revisit it again later.

      I love Gigi too! She’s super hot 😉

      Ruhi xx


  3. I am elated that someone likes my ramblings 😀. I wash my hair only twice a week. My dry hair needs that twice a week oil nourishment. Yes i do lose some hair during the oiling process but it all depends on various stages of “life” . 😑
    Stress = hairfall.
    Lack of proper nourishment etc etc. Will definitely do more research on the deep conditioner. I haven’t tried argan oil yet. Need to try it.
    Pai rosehip oil is excellent !!!!

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    1. Yeah, sometimes I wonder if it’s normal to lose so much hair during oiling! :\ I have restarted my Biotin supplement to see if that will help. Been using Phylia’s Hair Strengthening Spray, but don’t think it’s really making any difference!

      Good to know you love Pai!! Definitely look into a deep conditioner 🙂

      Take care,
      Ruhi xx


      1. f you are eating / drinking something it would be best to read this comment after that (warning !!!) 🙂

        I used to loose a lot of hair too during oiling and washing. I used to be sad looking at that drain !!! I attributed it to stress and tension. I made changes such as these to help me loose a little less hair nowadays 🙂 and clearer skin is a bonus as well.

        1) Changed my shampoo. I used to use a clean shampoo by a British brand. I persisted with it because i thought it is all that a clean shampoo should be about – sulphate free yada yada ….. I used it for about a year till i realized something is not right …It makes my hair superdry. (huh i took a year to figure that out….gosh so dumb 😦 )
        I started using the Avalon Organics volumizing shampoo. Million times better. I just need it to remove the oil from the hair. And it does just that.
        2) I always oil my hair. So i thought i don’t need a conditioner. Big mistake. So i realized great shampoo and conditioner is a must to avoid tangles. My hair started breaking less because it was not dry.
        3) My hair is dry as hell so need a leave conditioner. Since your scalp is oily i don’t know how the ends would look like. The ends are super important. They need ‘that’ moisture. I never ever will straighten my hair because i like it the way it is. If you use some form of heat …..you know what to do 🙂 some heat protectant. (natural ones are available) I cannot use heat because i have the hot air balloon situation going on 😀
        4) Oiling twice a week is a must for me. Because i feel that is the only external nourishment for my scalp.
        5) Internal nourishment is a must.
        Nourishing plant based oils in your case. For me fish oil / plant based oil.
        Green juice / smoothies – I consume this every day. It helped me grow my hair from a pixie. 🙂 And it gives me a better face to look at in the mirror!

        The usual nuts and seeds ….a must !!!

        What i am going to say may make you feel squeamish (read the rest of the comment after you are done eating/drinking)
        Bone broth has helped me reduce my oiling hair fall / wash hair loss. I can say i have reduced it by 50 %.

        So what is the alternative for a vegetarian : Veg broth (home made ,of course)
        and the substitute for the gelatin in the bone broth for vegetarians would be this :
        Hairjelly Protein Capsules by Hairmedic….. (Refer to the Victoria Health website… good site with excellent info)
        Philip Kingsley PK4 Hair Soya Protein Capsules x120 (you can avail these on Feelunique which does free shipping worldwide or something like that…)
        Gelatin strengthens the root of the hair. I can feel it.

        I tried Biotin supplements. Got BORED. I didn’t see any difference. Maybe the dosage was wrong. Probably a high dosage GOOD quality biotin is needed.
        You could try Food Science of Vermont hair capsules. They are good. But just do your research on them.

        The other great brand that i love is Lamberts Florisene for women. good ingredients.
        And last but not the least proteins and loads of veggies. I used to drink soya instead of milk. Quite useless really. It does nothing. Ruined our health. Husband and I got back to drinking whole milk. No skimmed milk shit! Pardon my french. But then milk is a touchy topic with people who suffer from zits. I think milk in general has got a bad rap!
        Load up your gelatin and proteins !! Drink your smoothies. 🙂

        And yes poop daily and PROPERLY !!! Hahahaha….the other fav topic of mine……This pooping action has helped me with congested skin etc etc ….
        Anyhow squeamish topics aside , i know you will do your research and do what is best for you.


      2. Ok, so I skimmed through this comment, but really wanted to “digest” it properly before responding, since it has so much of good information! 😀

        While your main issue seems to be dry hair, mine is just the opposite: oily and thin. 🙂 How much of Biotin were you taking? Just curious. I think the recommended dose is 5000mg per day. I took it for a while, and then stopped, worried that it was causing me to breakout. I’ve started again, very recently, but with a small dosage (1/3rd of the recommended 5k). I will up the dosage gradually. Yes, stress definitely plays a huge role, and mine has been pretty much out of control since the past year, mainly due to work. :\ I am trying other remedies, like herbal tea, distracting myself with things I like to do (beauty, reading, calligraphy etc.) and that seems to help a lot! Very curious to try your suggestions of Hair Protein! 🙂 Yes, that makes sense because hair is mostly protein… Will give it a try if Biotin doesn’t help! I am loaded with too many supplements at the moment.

        I’ve never tried Soy Milk, but I make my smoothies with Unsweetened Almond Milk, and the morning tea with Whole Milk. I agree, this whole milk earning a bad rap is a new thing for me too, something I’ve not totally bought into. I’m a vegetarian and it’s doubly difficult for me to give up milk, without any hard evidence to support it. I agree, sugar (especially the processed kind) is bad, not only because of its linkage to collagen depletion (apparently), but even generally speaking, diabetes, weight gain etc.

        I love my smoothies, and YES POOPING! Totally agree it’s extremely important to have good bowel movement daily. Makes a big difference.

        Thanks so much love for your comment and no, it didn’t make me squeamish one bit. My husband eats meat, so, I am used to it 🙂

        Ruhi xx


    1. OMG her blog is beautiful! I’m in a never ending hole where I keep sifting through all her posts! 🙂 So beautiful. I can’t have enough of it.


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